Frecuencia CEM Radio (2011)

Frecuencia Streaming Shows Contact via Phone Contact

Started as a long-shot idea I decide to draw a prototype proposal for a new website for my University's radio station. Frecuencia CEM as a University station is limited in audience, defining a good concept for visual and interaction engagement is crucial for attracting new listeners to the site. Comprising all the information that the old site already had and infusing it with a simple interface, a competitive advantage and engagement is born, harnessing new opportunities for the future.

Frecuencia CEM's design supports productivity through an easy-to-use interface that allows the user to stream shows through audio only or video, while browsing through other shows and their detailed information, skim through the photo gallery which is a historical compendium of 13 years of broadcasting, and have the station's telephone numbers handy at all times so better communication is established between the audience and the broadcasters, all this without the need of having to open more windows on the browser than are necessary.

It is hosted on here. Take it for a spin.